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With a love for the world, John Amato, Founder of Gift of Hope, a non-profit charity,
is committed
to bringing aid, growth, and development to the lives of people worldwide.
Gift of Hope, bring aid & development in US, Mexico, Phillipines, Nicaragua, West Africa

Gift of Hope focuses on helping communities & inner cities by building orphanages, medical clinics, & training centers, giving people an opportunity to grow, learn & excel.

Where we are helping:


Hermosillo, Mexico
Ghana, West Africa
Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines
Iloilo, Philippines
Cubay & San Enrique, Philippines
Leyete & Tacloban, Philippines


Katrina & Rita hurricane refugees


Dallas Soupmobile
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International Gift of Hope Projects - Philippines

Catbalogan, Samar in the Philippines

 2-year-old child with John Amato,
who we named Arnold

Arnold was left on a doorstep in Catbalogan, Samar, in the Philippines to die of tuberculosis. His mother is a drug addict and did not want him. When we found Arnold, we also found that he had been tortured by cigarette burns all over his body. Immediately, Gift of Hope brought medical attention, care and love to this abandoned child. Because of the attention Arnold received, he beat all the odds and is now healthy and walking. Without the intervention that Gift of Hope provided, it would have been impossible for Arnold to have even survived.


This orphanage (pictured below) is thriving.
Children are being trained, making a tremendous impact in the village of San Jorge.

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This project needs your continued support.  Thank you.

Iloilo, Philippines
Gift of Hope partnered with Steven Leigh, I.F.I.M. Organization, for this project.
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This land was donated. We had to drill 610 ft. for water, which is now producing 200 gallons a minute. Through the purchase of three water trucks, at approximately $40,000.00, we are providing water for thousands of people in the surrounding villages.

Nine acres of this land are rice fields, now producing three hundred 100lb. bags of rice a year.

This project needs your continued support.  Thank you.

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Cubay  & San Enrique, Philippines

Gift of Hope has another opportunity to establish both an orphanage and training center in the town of San Enrique. The Mayor of San Enrique has already donated the land, but we will need to drill for water, as well as build the necessary facilities for this orphanage.
 Please donate for this project.

While Gift of Hope is in the process of receiving the finances to accomplish this project, we are seizing opportunities to feed the children in Cubay and the surrounding villages.

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Leyete & Tacloban, Philippines


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Thousands of homeless children, like these, wander the streets of Tacloban and Samar Layete everyday. Parents, who can no longer afford to feed their children, will leave them homeless. Most of these children fall into drug addiction and alcoholism, and also become victims of child prostitution. Gift of Hope urgently needs to build an orphanage and training center for these children. The approximate cost will be $150,000.00.
 Please donate for this project.

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