Gift of Hope founder John Amato, giving worldwide International Gift of Hope
With a love for the world, John Amato, Founder of Gift of Hope, a non-profit charity,
is committed
to bringing aid, growth, and development to the lives of people worldwide.
Gift of Hope, bring aid & development in US, Mexico, Phillipines, Nicaragua, West Africa

Gift of Hope focuses on helping communities & inner cities by building orphanages, medical clinics, & training centers, giving people an opportunity to grow, learn & excel.

Where we are helping:


Hermosillo, Mexico
Ghana, West Africa
Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines
Iloilo, Philippines
Cubay & San Enrique, Philippines
Leyete & Tacloban, Philippines


Katrina & Rita hurricane refugees


Dallas Soupmobile
Women That Soar





















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In the News:  Growing Recognition!

Articles about Gift of Hope have been published in 27 different magazines throughout the entire state of Texas through three different publishers:  Parkhurst Publications, Southern Vanity, and Chansen Publishing. It has been presented nationwide in articles in the Underground Shopper twice in the past three months.

Gift of Hope has been talked about and presented on over four different radio stations in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. Two of them broadcast nationally. The Word 100.7, KPRC, The Oasis 107.3 and KAAM radio have mentioned Gift of Hope repeatedly.

An article, "A World in Tears", was written about Gift of Hope in Living Magazine,  February 2005.
Article, "Gift of Hope for Homeless and Orphans", written in Lifestyle Solutions, a quarterly magazine supplement distributed in the Dallas Morning News, Spring/Summer 2004.
Article, "Building Hope" written about Gift of Hope in Southern Vanity Magazine, Dallas, Texas, August/September 2004.


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